Our Services

Factoring, represents a form of financing complementary to the bank credit that guarantees an effective management and financial support, capable of meeting all the entrepreneur demands to manage their trade credits efficiently.

Our services:
• reliability evaluation of client portfolio or prospect;
• front-loading before credit expiration day;
• credit administration, management and collection;
• management support in the credit recovery process;
• risk-carrying in shortfall payments by the debtor without recourse (therefore with notification to the debtor) and with express exclusion of tacit factoring;
• positive effect on the company’s liquidity, resulting in improved balance sheet’s ratio/indicators;
• substitution of a fixed cost, based on the whole structure and the knowledge needed to manage the credits inside the company, with a variable one related to the asset’s transferred volume;
• shortening of credit collection time;
• minimizing of losses caused by debtor’s insolvency by gathering more accurate customers ‘information.

Product also available for companies with these characteristics:

• Low and medium ratings;

• Insufficient capitalization/capital strength

• Start-up

Our procedure - what happens when we meet a new client?

Step 1

First analysis questionaire

Documents request

Due diligence on the client and on each debtor

Step 2

Signing of the final factoring agreement

Each invoice needs proof of delivery (B/L or any other document) - We do not accept payments overdue after the insurance terms

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